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Brought to you by White Marble Marketing, the Fund Marketing Network's goal is to provide the resources to boost knowledge and produce effective marketing within the asset management world

The Fund Marketing Network is an online platform designed specifically for marketers working within asset and wealth management.

By joining the Network, you will have access to a wealth of resources, ranging from  events, webinars, research and reports as well as having the chance to meet and network with industry peers and leaders. All designed to broaden your marketing skills, industry knowledge and ultimately enhance your career.

No matter what stage you are in your career, we have a programme for you:

  • The Fund Marketing Induction – a one day course for those new to the industry or in need of a refresher
  • The Fund Marketing Academy – a five day course, spread over a year designed to train, develop and grow marketing professionals
  • Fund Marketing Network Membership  – provides access to our online platform of webinars, events, expert speaker series, research and networking events



1 year ago

Post to test comments

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Market Insight

2 years ago

Change is all around us

Our latest Expert Speaker Series with Pete Lawery, former Jupiter Merlin fund manager, got me thinking about the implications of all the change around us, including of course Brexit. The attached article from EY reflects some of this and how the indu

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PR & Comms

2 years ago

How are your emails keeping up with the changes in trends happening around us?

We all know the financial services industry is saturated with competition.  Coupled with a time poor audience hungry for information that will aid their decision making, standing out amongst your competitors is crucial.  So, how do your emails keep

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