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  • Gun Powder Frogs


    Confectionery for connoisseurs. Our hard-boiled, salty liquorice has a tangy sherbet centre and a fine dusting of liquorice powder. A Swedish classic.

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  • Candy Necklaces


    Fruity fashion you can wear and eat! These old skool, hard candy necklaces are perfect for party bags.

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  • Berry Bramble Gummies


    Soft gummy assortment of English wild berry flavoured gummies in blackberry, cranberry and blackcurrant, complemented with zesty lemon and balanced with tangy sugar crystals.

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  • Fizzy Tropical Gummies


    A selection of fizzy gummies featuring an assortment of fruity flavours, including pineapple, mango, passion fruit and kiwi, sprinkled with sour sugar crystals for the essence of Summertime!

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  • Love Hearts


    You’re guaranteed a heart in the mouth moment when you share our squidgy vegan love heart sweets.

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  • Lemon & Rose Turkish Delight


    Our melt-in-the-mouth rose and lemon Turkish delight will transport you straight to the fragrant confectioners of Istanbul.

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  • Vegan Truffles


    Our vegan truffles might be dairy free but they’re as sumptuous and silky as our classic styles. Each has a soft centre filled with Pineapple, Raspberry, Orange or Coffee ganache.

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