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Sweet Subscription

From: £18.00 every 3 months

Send happiness to your door, or the door of a sweet fan with SugarSin! Our sweet subscription boxes are simply perfect for any sweet lover – after all, why shouldn’t you have a regular supply of treats to brighten your day! Too good to be sinful! Choose your sweet selections and your delivery frequency then wait for the gourmet goodies to land on the welcome mat!



Choose 4 pouches from our gourmet assortment of vegan, sweet, sour, liquorice, or chocolate treats, pick your own fix or why not let us surprise you.

Viva Las Vegan | A treat for the eyes and the senses (an assortment of vegan sweets)

Sweet Retreat | A dessert island of pick ‘n’ mix (an assortment of sweet pick ‘n’ mix)

Sour Power | A tang today, gone tomorrow (an assortment of sour sweets)

Liquorice Dreams | SugarSin’s Black Label Collection (an assortment of liquorice sweets)

Chocs Away | A melt-the-mouth mixture (an assortment of chocolate treats)

Pick Your Fix | Find a new love (an assortment of all genres of pick ‘n’ mix sweets)

Each sweet subscription box collection will include four sealed bags, featuring some of our best-loved pick and mix – as well as some new treats we’ll know you’ll adore.

Each sealed pouch contains 100-125g sweets.

Complete Box weight 400-500g.


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